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American Civil War
History Recreated

Recreated Civil War units vary tremendously in quality. If you are looking for a serious unit that is authentic and does things right, then we are the unit for you!

Photo courtesy of Robert Szabo Formed in 1990, by individuals who felt the need to recreate the life of the Civil War soldier as accurately as possible,  Company D continues to strive for authenticity in everything we do.  We are serious about what we do and we require adherence to relatively strict standards of dress, drill and behavior of our members.  We place equal emphasis on the physical aspects of living history (material culture, drill, rations, camping, military customs, equipment etc.) and the men we represent (i.e., historical occupations before enlistment, education, deportment etc.).

Those interested in the life of the typical soldier of the Union Army will find a home in Company D.  In the field we sleep in pup tents with wool and gum rubber blankets. Our rations are faithful to the period, consisting of salt pork, hardtack, coffee, suitable fruits, and vegetables. We carry nothing that is inappropriate.  In the camps of other units you will find anachronisms such as coolers and aluminum cots. This is not the case with the 1st Minnesota.

The minimum age for membership in the group is 16.   All members must be in good condition and physically capable of being an infantryman on the march.  The basic requirements for membership in the company are the desires to reenact in a manner consistent with the period, and to engage in research that will result in a constantly improving impression.  The company generally presents a military impression and does have a small civilian contingent.

We participate in various living history events and battle re-enactments throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.    When a specific impression is not dictated by an event scenario, the unit's basic impression is that of infantrymen of the Army of the Potomac in the mid-war period (i.e., spring, 1863).  Members adapt their uniform and equipment  to suit either early-war (1861-1862) or late-war (1864-1865) periods and military theatre (i.e., Eastern or Western troops) as required.  

While the 1st Minnesota often portrays soldiers on campaign or on picket duty, the unit also participates in garrison-style events.  In these situations the uniform, accoutrements, rations, military procedures, and other aspects of military life are adapted to suit  the scenario and unit portrayed.   Members portrayals change from event to event.  Typically, this involves subtle changes (substitution of unit identifying insignia etc.) that do not require substantial effort on the part of unit members.  

For those willing to meet the requirements of membership  the 1st Minnesota is a place where good  friends meet to learn from each other about Civil War history while having a good time together.

By being faithful to how the Civil War soldier really lived, we endeavor to honor the men of the 1st Minnesota and to educate the public about the 1st Minnesota's role in the war and life in general of the common Union soldier.

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